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Flamingo nXt 5

Flamingo nXt 5 is an update to Flamingo which integrates with the built-in rendering features in Rhino 5. This is currently a work in progress version.

Download Flamingo nXt 5 Evaluation version.

You can join the technical discussion about this beta here: Flamingo Discourse Forum


  • Flamingo 5 Beta requires a previous version of Flamingo nXt to be installed.
  • Rhino 5 Service Release 12 is required to run Flamingo nXt 5.
  • After downloading and running the RHI installer, start up Rhino.

Startup notes

This version of Flamingo features an interface which is integrated with the Rhino 5 rendering tools. This made several necessary changes to the rendering interface. At this time it is important to find the Flamingo interface when first starting up Flamingo:

  • The Flamingo control panel can be found under the Render Pulldown > Flamingo nXt 5 > Show Control Panel
  • The Flamingo nXt tab contains Flamingo specific controls:
    • Sky
    • Lighting Manager
    • Custom Lighting controls
    • Render Options
  • Once in the control panel, right-click in the tab area and select the panels:
    • Libraries
    • Environment
    • Groundplane
    • Etc….

Feature notes

  • The Viewport Render Preview mode has been improved.
  • Material mapping is done through the Rhino mapping interface.
  • Decals are placed using the Rhino decal interface.
  • Integrated into the Rhino rendering panels:
    • Sun Control
    • Ground Panel
    • Lights
    • Material Library Panel
    • Material Editor
    • Drag and Drop Materials
  • Safe Frame is supported.
  • Custom Meshing is supported. This includes:
    • Curve Piping
    • Displacement
    • Edge Softening
    • Shut Lining
  • New Hybrid Render Engine trying to take the best of the default and pathtrace engine in one.
  • Flamingo RT preview window shows a quick rendering of the current model.
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