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Fog and Lense Flare in Flamingo 2

Question:Is there going to be fog and/or lense flare in the new release of Flamingo? -- Jeff Taylor

Then the Render image is in the Render window, pull down the image menu and pick Filters, and observe the Post Processing possibilities. Fog, glare, glow and glare are currently included (no lens flare yet).

Question:Excuse my ignorance, but is this 'image menu' in Flamingo 1 or 2? I've looked for it in the render window after rendering and there is no such menu, this is using Flamingo 1 though.

Question:How will this post processing of the image help us when we use Bongo for animations which we would like to include the above mentioned outputs? It appears that it will only be a valuable asset for single images. Vince Kirchner

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