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Troubleshooting Installer Issues for Rhino 3 and Rhino 4

Rhino 4 starts up with no plug-ins loaded


Missing toolbars and no plug-ins loaded on Vista

A small number of users have reported that installing Rhino V4 (SR2 and newer) on Vista has resulted in no plug-ins and no toolbars loaded unless logged in and running as the Administrator. This has been more common on Vista Home Premium systems, but has been reported on all flavors of Vista. Most users do not report this problem and we have not been able to duplicate the problem here in the Rhino Development Team.


Users have reported that if they turn off User Account Control (Control Panel - User Accounts), and temporarily disable any antivirus and system protection software before running the Rhino installation again, solves the problem. After reinstalling and running Rhino once, you should restart your antivirus and system protection tools. You can turn UAC back on if you want to as well.

Added 5 Mar 2009 - John Brock

Rhino 3 Problem with toolbar layouts not sticking and docking correctly

  1. Close Rhino 3.0
  2. Restart Rhino
  3. The utility can delete the following key in the registry to make Rhino “forget” some settings that make the toolbars not dock correctly.
  4. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0\Scheme: Default\Control bar manager

Rhino 3 Problems with OpenGL performance and display

- to be used after upgrading cards and drivers

  1. Close Rhino 3.0
  2. Restart Rhino
  3. The utility can delete the following key in the registry to make Rhino “forget” old OpenGL display settings
  4. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0\Scheme: Default\Options\OpenGL

Rhino 4 Install Determining Disk Space Requirements Never Completes


When installing Rhino 4.0, a message appears that says “please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements”. This dialog box never disappears.


The Windows Installer engine tries to determine if there is enough disk space on all your drives to install Rhino. For some reason, this process takes a very long time, or never completes. The real cause is buried somewhere in Microsoft's Windows Installer engine.


Run the installer from the command prompt:

msiexec /i Rhino4_Setup.msi /qr

Rhino 3 Help's Index Tab is blank


The Index tab of the Rhino Help or BonusToolsHelp window is blank

for low-privilege user logins in Windows 2000.


This is a permissions problem that interacts with a bug in Windows 2000. Here's how to fix it without changing the permissions on Program Files folders.

  • Just have an administrator delete the file Rhino.GID in the …Program Files\Rhino\English\Help folder, and while you are at it, delete the RhinoBonusTools.GID
  • Then have the administrator log out (don't run the Help yet, or it will recreate the GID file for the administrator).
  • Have the low-privilege user log in. The Index tab should now populate (and a GID file is created somewhere in the user's personal files area.)
  • This trick is not needed on Windows XP, Microsoft fixed the bug.
  • Another way it can be fixed on Windows 2000 is to add the permission “Write” for Users on the …Rhino\English\Help folder

Remove Rhino 4 Manually

Question: I tried to uninstall Rhino 4.0, but an error occurred and Rhino could not be removed.

Answer: Manually remove Rhino 4.0.

Installing Rhino 4 As An Upgrade

Question: “What do I need to do to get my Rhino 4.0 Upgrade to install?”

Answer: The Rhino 4.0 Upgrade installer will install if one of the following is true. It is checked in order:

  • Rhino 3.0 is installed
  • Rhino 2.0 is installed
  • Rhino 1.1 is installed
  • Rhino 1.0 is installed
  • Rhino 3.0 CD is inserted into the CD drive during installation
  • Rhino 2.0 CD is inserted into the CD drive during installation
  • Rhino 1.1 CD is inserted into the CD drive during installation
  • Rhino 1.0 CD is inserted into the CD drive during installation

Transferring personalized settings from one Rhino 4 install to another

Rhino 4 Uninstall Fails

PROBLEM: This can be caused by a corrupt installer cache on your computer.

SOLUTION: Follow the instructions in the article Manually Uninstalling Rhino 4.0

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