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Summary: Object User Tag plug-in for Rhino 4 and 5


This plug-in lets you attach, detach, search, and view custom tags. It is a very early beta version with a lot of missing functionality and quite probably some serious bugs. Do not use this on important files!

Available commands

The plug-in adds a new page to the Object Properties dockbar, and it exposes several commands:

Command name Explanation
otAttach Attach a new tag to a number of objects (or replace existing tags with an identical name)
otDetach Detach all tags that match the given search filters from the selected objects
otClearAllTags Detach all tags from all selected objects
otSelName Select all objects that contain tags who pass the given name search filter
otSelValue Select all objects that contain tags who pass the given value search filter
otSelect A combination of otSelName and otSelValue
otShowTags Display tags on selected objects directly in the Rhino viewports
otExamine Display the tags on a collection of objects in a treeview

The otShowTags command draws tags directly into the viewports The Object Properties dockbar is extended to show tag properties of the selected objects

Download the plug-in.

To install, unzip the rhp and the tb file into a secure location and drag both files into a running Rhino 4 or 5 instance.

Features missing in this version:

  • Tag groups are not maintained during tag edit operations.
  • An export command which collects tag data and writes out an xml file.
  • An import command which collects tag data from an xml file and applies it to objects.
  • A viewer which shows all tags in the document.
  • A set of RhinoScript methods which exposes the functionality of this plug-in to RhinoScript.
  • Some minor commands for merging/copying etc. tags around.
  • A tag preset window to add oft used tags for easy access.

Contact the author.

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