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SectionTools Plugin for Rhino 5 and 6 WIP

Summary: Dynamic 3D sectioning and 2D layout that updates with model changes


SectionTools Plugin for Rhino 6 for Windows: Last updated December 6, 2018.

SectionTools Plugin for Rhino 5 only (does not work with Rhino 4): Last updated December 20, 2013.


Help manual


  • Please email us your feedback and suggestions to help future development.

Introduction to SectionTools tutorial

Short tutorials

The following short tutorials cover the main functions of the SectionTools plugin. The tutorials are under 30 seconds each.

1- Create sections
create section clip (need flash addon)
2- Create array of sections
create array of sections clip (need flash addon)
3- Edit sections' attributes, solid mode and direction
edit sections clip (need flash addon)
4-Create dynamic 2D layouts of 3D sections
sections and named view clip (need flash addon)
5- Clip, rotate view and cplane to align with sections
view sections clip (need flash addon)
6- Move sections with realtime dynamic feedback
move sections clip (need flash addon)
7- Edit section labels and arrowhead scale
edit section hint (need flash addon)
8- Manage sections as named views
sections and named view (need flash addon)
9- Change or update sectioned objects
edit objects clip (need flash addon)
10- Generate sections report
report clip (need flash addon)

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