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Created by Clement Greiner

Plug-ins for Rhino V4

BakeRender Plug-in to bake textures with BakeAIR directly from Rhino. (Version 2.03, works with XP 32/64-bit with Rhino4 SR4/20080807 or higher. It does not work with Rhino 5.)

TxTemplate Plug-in to create image based UV-maps from meshes or render meshes with various controls over colors, line widths, transparency, and layered background texture. (Version 1.0, works with XP and Windows 7 (32/64-bit) with Rhino 4 SR7/20080807 or higher.)

UnwrapRenderMesh Plug-in to unwrap the underlying RenderMesh of a Polysurface. Use this plug-in either to view the packed texture coordinates Rhino creates by default or to create basic texturing templates with other programs like Illustrator or Photoshop. The command UnwrapRenderMesh will be available from the commandline once the plug-in is installed. (Version 2.2, works with XP 32/64-bit with Rhino 4 SR4/20080807 or higher.)

UVcWrap New pseudo UV-wrapping plug-in to unwrap a mesh's texture coordinates and transform them as real Rhino mesh objects. After the transformation is done, the unwrapped meshes can be rewrapped to the original mesh. (Version 0.5b, tested with XP 64-bit with Rhino 4 SR5b/20090226 or higher.)

GripRandomizer Simple plug-in to randomly move the selected grips of a curve, surface, or mesh. If no grips (control points) are selected, all grips are randomized. Distance and direction of the random movement is scriptable via the commandline. (Version 1.01, works with XP 32/64-bit with Rhino 4 SR4/20080807 or higher.)

Scripts for Rhino V3

CurvatureGraph.rvb Script for turning CurvatureGraph display curves into real usable Rhino curves Script for Rhino 3 to copy objects to points or points in a pointcloud Script for Rhino 3 to copy objects to points on a surface and orient the objects to the surface normal at these points Script to dash curves (split curves into a number of segments, delete every second segment) Script for Rhino 3 to fillet all segments of a polycurve with a defined radius Scripts and toolbar for adding notes to objects (uses Object Data) Script for Rhino 3 to revolve one curve around another curve with optional parameters Script for Rhino 3 to create pipes from curves with spherical end caps (with optional join or merge of caps) Script for Rhino 3 to create controled torii (e.g. lumpy, spiral, knot, PQ, wave, regular)

Script Functions (Rhino V3) Script Function for Rhino 3 to find a plane perpendicular to a point on curve

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