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Display Troubleshooting: Performance

Some techniques to improve display speed
  • Make sure drivers are up to date.
  • Hide objects you are not working on: If objects are not visible they do not affect the display speed. Use the Hide command or Layers to adjust visibility.
  • Try different display modes (Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered, Technical…)
  • Is Rendered display mode considerably or unusually slower than other display modes and you have very good graphics card? See this page possible reason's way.
  • Create custom render meshes for the objects in your model. Small parts can often have fewer polygons in their render meshes and still look smooth from a distance. You can find custom mesh control per object in the Object Properties panel.
  • Turn off the display of isocurves in the Display panel. This changes the active display mode only.
  • If you are working with a polygonal mesh model, turn off the display of mesh wires when using shaded display modes.
  • If you have many repeated objects in the model and don't need them to be NURBS, convert them all to meshes and then join these into one mesh object. Don't forget to then hide the original NURBS objects.
  • Reset your display mode to the default settings in Rhino Options > View > Display Modes.
  • Setting BBox Display in the Display panel (Panels menu > Display) will speed view rotation in large or complex scenes by temporarily degrading the display to only display object bounding boxes.
  • If you have small icons in the lower right of each viewport: Disable nVidia Shadowplay

Is the problem solved?

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  • No.
Copy and paste the following text into a email to
I followed the steps in the Video Troubleshooting wizard and tried all the techniques on this page: to improve display speed.

Please also include details about the problem and information about the computer's video card.

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