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Advanced Fillets in Rhino

Summary: Following the Fillet Fundmentals in Rhino videos, Pascal proceeds with this series that plunges us into the mechanics of the FilletEdge command, walking us through all the tricks and options the command offers, including editable Fillets.


FilletEdge Basics

In this first video of the Advanced Fillet series, Pascal walks us through the main options in the FilletEdge tool, such as configuring the radius and the different ways of selecting and deselecting edges. (3'39 minutes):

Options for Handles

In this tutorial, learn how to configure different radii on a same object or even on a same edge by using all the command line options available for Handles. (4'24 minutes):

Joined Edges

In this short video of the Advanced Fillet series, Pascal shows when and why FilletEdge might fail to select an edge. (1'37 minutes):

Referencing a Radius

What happens when the radius you need to apply needs to match the radius on an adjacent object? Learn how to reference a radius without leaving the FilletEdge command. (1'36 minutes):

Multiple Edge Selection

In this video, Pascal shows how to quickly select multiple edges on an object by using command line options such as ChainEdges and SelectFaces. (2'22 minutes):

Variable Radius

In this tutorial, Pascal explores how to solve large fillets on edges with tight curvature using a variable radius. The well known small corner case. (3'38 minutes):

Editing Fillets

In this last video of the Advanced Fillet series, Pascal shows Rhino 6's new ability of editing fillets that have been created in Rhino. The Edit option is available even after reopening the file and it allows you to change any parameter of the fillet. (1'11 minutes):

Special Cases

Visit this page to learn how to get the most out of the FilletSrf and FilletEdge command and manually fix problem areas.

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