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Fillet Fundmentals in Rhino

Summary: In this video series, our McNeel tech expert, Pascal Golay, explains what goes on behind the scenes with Rhino's Fillet command: how Fillets work, the pros and cons of certain strategies, the different Fillet types. For more detailed information on Fillets, visit our Advanced Fillets in Rhino 6 page


Rolling Ball

This first video, by McNeel's Pascal Golay explains what a fillet is, and the idea of the 'rolling ball' fillet. (6 minutes):

Fillet Types

In this video, learn about Rhino's different filleting commands as well as how and when they are pertinent to use. (8'42 minutes):

Variable Fillet

In this video tutorial, Pascal takes a look at variable radius fillets. He covers the pros and cons of this option from an aesthetics and technical point of view (2'30 minutes):

Small Corner Case

Here Pascal covers a common fillet case: the small radius corner. Watch the logic behind it and the different workarounds. (2'52 minutes):

Advanced Fillets

Follow this link for more in-depth information on the FilletEdge command.

Special Cases

Visit this page to learn how to get the most out of the FilletSrf and FilletEdge command and manually fix problem areas.

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