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Change a Rhino V7 or V6 license to use the Cloud Zoo

To change from a standalone license on your computer to Rhino Account licensing, complete the following:

1. Return your standalone License Validation

  1. Start Rhino.
  2. In Rhino for Windows use the Tools drop down menu > Options > Licenses, click Change your license. In Rhino for Mac use the Rhinoceros drop down menu > Preferences > Licenses.
  3. Click Remove License on the bottom left of the dialog.

(If your license is in a Zoo server, select it in the Zoo admin console, and press the delete tool icon.)

2. Add your license to the Cloud Zoo

  1. Click Login as [your name].
  2. You’ll be told you don’t have any personal licenses.
  3. Click on Add a license.
  4. Your Internet Browser will start and a web page will open with instructions.
  5. Click Go to the Add License page.
  6. Enter your Rhino 7 license key and click Add License.

3. Start Rhino using the Cloud Zoo

  1. On the Licensing dialog, click Try Again.
  2. Rhino will start using your license from the Cloud Zoo.

Use Rhino from another computer

  1. Start Rhino on another computer.
  2. Login to your Rhino account.
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