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Setup and Planning for Cloud Zoo Licensing

Cloud Zoo Licensing is the newest way to license Rhino 6. See an overview of Rhino 6 Licensing.

Cloud Zoo personal licenses setup

Cloud Zoo teams for offices and schools

The Cloud Zoo supports the creation of teams. Teams are groups of people that can use a set of licenses in the Zoo.

Cloud Zoo teams setup

  1. Invite members to your team using one of two methods:

Team member use

  1. Prospective Team member must have their own Rhino login account
  2. Team members accept invitation sent to their login account email address
  3. Team members can use Rhino by using Login at Rhino Startup

Domain linked teams

For easier administration of larger teams, accounts linked through a domain can be set up. Anybody with an email address matching that domain can automatically join your domain linked team and have access to your licenses – no invitation email verification is required. Domain linked teams support custom authentication providers (Google, Active Directory, or One Login) to keep your user management centralized. Link your team to a domain.

More Cloud Zoo information

  1. You can change from one licensing type to another, but it is not automatic. Here is an article that covers the process of changing a Rhino 6 license to use the Cloud Zoo.
  2. Here are more frequently asked questions about licensing.
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