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Rhino 6 License Options

Product: Rhinoceros
Summary: Learn what options exist to license Rhino. Find the best license type to fit your situation.

We have changed and clarified the End User License Agreement for Rhino 6, and how the usage is enforced in Rhino V6.

There are now three ways to use your license:

  1. Stand-alone to use Rhino exclusively on a single computer.
  2. Floating licenses across a company's private network using the Zoo. For more details go here....
  3. Share license on multiple computers using Cloud Zoo For Rhino 6. Click here for steps needed to setup Cloud Zoo...
    1. Add your license and it will float to any computer you have access to using the Internet instead of a local area network by logging in with your Rhino Account.
    2. For multiple users, use the Cloud Zoo to create teams, add multiple licenses, and invite users to join the Team to share the licenses over the internet.

We recommend using Cloud Zoo for maximum flexibility. A detailed comparison of licensing options can be found at Rhino 6 License and Administration

You can change from one licensing type to another but it is not automatic. Here is an article that covers the Rhino 6 change license to use the Cloud Zoo process.

Here are more Frequently asked questions about licensing.

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