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Rhino 6 Lab License Options

Product: Rhinoceros
Summary: Learn what options exist to license Rhino as an education Lab. Find the best license type to fit your situation.

You can manage Rhino 6 Lab licenses in one of three ways. Please pick the option that best fits your situation.

Enter as a standalone key on each computer in the Lab. A lab license key may be installed on up to 30 dedicated computers. This requires manual installation on each computer and can make it more difficult to reinstall later.

Use the Zoo on the school's private network. This is the most common way to manage licenses across one or more labs. Licensing from the Zoo allows a low maintenance way of distributing and maintaining the license across a school network. The Zoo requires one computer as a host for the Zoo, normally the instructor's machine. Rhino can be installed on client computers using a manual or automated install process. For more details go here....

Rhino 6 supports the Cloud Zoo for maximum flexibility. In this case, a group of team members can be invited to use the Rhino licenses. Because the list of team members needs to be maintained as the group changes, this is normally an option for groups that do not change often. Research labs or department staff might be a good example of this. Click here for steps needed to set up Cloud Zoo...

A detailed comparison of licensing options can be found at Rhino 6 License & Administration.

You can change from one licensing type to another but it is not automatic. Here is an article that covers the changing a Rhino 6 license to use the Cloud Zoo process.

Here are more frequently asked questions about licensing.

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