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Automating installation of Rhino 6

Rhino 6 installs from a single executable installer, and can be fully automated.

setup.exe [Action] [Option] [Parameters]

Note: “setup.exe” shown above is a place holder for the current Rhino installer file,
e.g. [rhino_en-us_6.#…exe]

Offline Installation:

If you are deploying in an environment where the client computers do not have internet access, follow these instructions for installing offline before deployment.

Command line options:

Action Description
-package (default) install
-uninstall uninstall
-repair repair (or install if not installed)
-layout create a local image of the bootstrapper for offline install
Option Description
-quiet perform action without any user interface.
if a reboot is required, system will restart without prompting
-passive perform action with progress bar interface
-norestart suppress any restarts
-promptrestart (default) prompt if a restart is required
Parameters Description
All parameters are optional
LICENSE_METHOD One of: STANDALONE, ZOO (leave blank for Cloud Zoo)
LICENSE_KEY The license key to install (required if LICENSE_METHOD=STANDALONE)
LICENSE_VALIDATION_CODE Validation code for your Rhino license
ZOO_SERVER IP or FQDN of Zoo server to query
INSTALLDIR Full path to folder where Rhino will be installed
CUSTOMER_NAME Customer name to show in splash screen
COMPANY_NAME Company name to show in splash screen
SEND_STATISTICS 1 = send anonymous installation statistics to McNeel (default)
0 = do not send
ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES (Updated in 6.15) 1 = allow the installer to check for and download updates. In 6.14 and older, this doesn't affect Rhino's ability to check for updates; to disable updates for Rhino, disable the McNeel Update Service. (New in 6.15 - this setting passes through to Rhino and disables sending updates and usage statistics for all users on computer; this setting cannot be overridden on a per-user basis)
0 = do not allow automatic updates and sending usage statistics
DISABLE_INTERNET_ACCESS (new in Rhino 6.15) 1 = Disable all internet access for the installer, Rhino, and McNeel Updates. This disables all internet access from Rhino, including automatic updates detection and download, sending anonymous usage statistics, online help, splash screen news and tips, downloading of rendering textures, access to the Cloud Zoo, and other features that try to access the internet.
0 (default) = allow all internet access

Language Options

Set to 1 to install the language, 0 to not install. The language of the installer you downloaded will install by default unless set to 0. If you download the French installer and run it with only INSTALL_EN=1, you will get both English and French.

Language Parameters Description
INSTALL_CN Simplified Chinese
INSTALL_PT Portuguese
INSTALL_TW Traditional Chinese


rhino_en-us_6.#.#####.#####.exe -package -passive LICENSE_METHOD=ZOO ZOO_SERVER= INSTALL_FR=1 INSTALL_DE=1
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