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Aligning Details on a Layout

Details are views into the model that are arranged on a layout. You can have many details that look at parts of your model with different views, scales, layer color and layer plot weights. (Layer Linetypes per detail are not supported in Rhino 5.)

After the details are created and scaled, it may be necessary to align them on the layout. There are two methods.

  • The first uses the Move command to move the details by a significant point on the model to a reference line on the layout.
  • The second uses SmartTrack to relocate the detail by aligning the details from a point in the model to a Smarttrack reference line generated off multiple points in other details.

There are also two methods for adjusting the size of the detail used in these videos.

  • You will see details resized with control points.
  • And you also will see the Gumball doing a uniform scale the overall size of the details. Hint: uniform scale with Gumball hold down the shift key and drag the scale marker on Gumball.

Video only - no audio. (There is no audio, so watch carefully!)

Here is the model if you want to “sing along”.

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