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Rhino in Architecture

A place to learn how to use Rhino in the building industry…

What's here?

Using Rhino in Architecture

Learning Rhino in Architecture

Rhino to BIM and Back

The architecture process involves many tools and different teams, therefore interop with other BIM products is quite important. Here is a great article on Computation workflows in a BIM process

Structural Engineering with Rhino

Interoperability with Sturctural software
Quick analysis with Rhino
Machine Learning

Computational Design

Rhino and especially Grasshopper have lead in the revolution of computational design in Architecture and fabrication.

Learning Grasshopper

Using Rhino for Topography

Rhino can be used to create topographic maps. The difficult part of the process is understanding the information you have to start and how to massage that information to get to a Topo.

  • Getting topo from Google Earth
  • Creating a topo from Points
  • Creating a topo from Curves
  • Creating a topo From Survey information.
  • Creating a topo from a mesh.

Analysis with Rhino

Environmental Analysis



Links to Daylight Plugins for Rhino and Grasshopper:

  • Diva for Rhino - Highly optimized Daylighting and Energy Modeling.
  • Ladybug Tools - Daylighting, Environmental Analysis.
    • Ladybug - Climate Data for Environmentally Informed Design.
    • Honeybee - Daylight, Energy and Heat Flow using Radiance, OpenStudio and Therm.
  • Photosphere (MAC) and HDRscope (WIN) for Computational photography and lighting analysis
Wind and CFD
Pedestrian Studies Grasshopper

Rhino and Urban Planning

Architectural Visualization

Creating Architectural Style Drawings
Sections and Drawings with Rhino
Using Rhino with VR
  • IrisVr
  • Enscape
  • RMIT Hololens with Rhino direct


Additional Architectural Training Materials

Books on Architecture and Fabrication

Toward a new Practice
Digital Fabrication
Theory behind design and algorithms
Practical Computational Design
Organic Form and nature...
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