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Rendering Architecture in Rhino

A place to learn how to render architecture

This guide contains many tutorials we have found useful in creating photo-realistic rendering with Rhino. It is one part of the using Rhino in Architecture series.

Vray for Rhino in Architecture

Vray is the most popular high-end render engine for Architects on every software platform. It is the tools of choice to create the best images. Go here to download Vray for Rhino 3.4 on Windows

Architecture consists of two main rendering types (Interior and Exteriors). Each of the two types takes a distinctly different approach to rendering. Learning two master both rendering types is important to understand how to get the best images in all cases. This guide is split into the two main types:

  • Getting Started Exterior Rendering
  • Getting Started Interior Rendering
  • Post Processing with PhotoShop
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Further Resources

A good place to start learning Vray for Rhino is the simple overview tutorial :

V-Ray for Rhino – Overview: Intro for Architects

Getting Started Exterior

Getting Started Interior

Architectural interior rendering is the most difficult rendering style to do. Interiors rely on very specific lighting sources and a lot of indirect lights to be convincing. Interiors can be difficult to setup and typically take much longer to render. Mastering the interior rendering requires understanding a lot of tricks.

Photoshop post-processing

Many rendering professionals use Photoshop to enhance any image they produce. Using Photoshop to enhance renderings can really speed up the process of creating great images.

Tips and Tricks

V Ray 3.6 for Rhino: Real. Fast. Power - See the new features in Vray 3.6 for Rhino and how to get better renderings.

Killer Rendering Tips for V-Ray and Rhino Dave Schultze will deliver a series of short and sweet personal tips, tricks and ‘Dave hacks.’ The focus will be on new features in V-Ray but also cover things that have been around in both Rhino and V-Ray that many people have overlooked.

The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism - Learn from experts how to make images that does not look fake.

10 Tips for a REALISTIC Interior Rendering - This uses Vray for Sketchup, but the tips and tricks are still very good for improving Vray for Rhino.

How to Create REALISTIC Materials - Yet again Vray for Sketchup, but a good look into creating realistic materials.

New road textures for realistic 3d rendering - Polygon texture set for Roads

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