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Villeroy & Boch use Rhino to rebuild their product database

3D NURBs models as a fundament for company product database. How I started modeling with Rhino.

Back in 1997 my client Villeroy & Boch decided to rebuild their inhouse product database. The challenge was to organize thousands of products which are available in various sets and combinations. The aim was to find a structure and format that could derive all the needed media files like draftings, outline illustrations, renderings and low-polygon 3D files.

After a detailed investigation of the available products we decided to use Rhino, which at that point was the only package that fulfilled all our needs. As we proceeded Rhino development was going on so we were able to automate all the redundant tasks. Here you can see a few of the Rhino models (be patient, it may take a while till 500 images are loaded):

Now we have a 3D NURBs model database with production files that can be completely controlled by Excel/Access to create all the needed media. For example, we have made a Product Data CD with various lowpoly 3D formats for planning purposes.

3DE - Jess Maertterer

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