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Keyboard and Mouse Combinations

Keyboard and mouse combinations to get the camera where you want it

The Camera command (keyboard shortcut F6) will let you Show/Hide the camera in your viewports.


  • RMB = Right Mouse Button
  • MMW = Middle Mouse Wheel

Moving the camera

Tumble around target

RMB or arrow keys

  • To break a orthogonal view (such as your standard Top, Front, Right, etc.) and enter a tumble, use Ctrl + Shift + RMB.

Pan moving camera and target

Shift + RMB

  • In orthogonal views, RMB alone will do this.

Pan with camera remaining stationary, target moving

Ctrl + Alt + RMB

Tilt (Dutch)(Roll?) Camera - Revolve camera about axis

Shift + Alt + RMB

  • In V4, doing this with the cursor at the edges of the viewport will constrain the rotation in 5 degree increments.


Zoom - Keeping target in the same plane

Note: The target will not stay in the exact location. It will stay in the same plane perpendicular to the camera. However, its position on that plane will change depending on where the cursor is located during the zoom.



  • If you are using this method in a perspective viewport, you will find that as you zoom further and further in, you will eventually run into your target, which gives the appearance of not being able to zoom in any further. To correct this use Place Target.

Zoom - Moving the target with camera

Rhino V3

  • Shift + MMW

Rhino V4

  • Alt + MMW
  • Alt + RMB

Lens Zoom - Camera and target stationary, lens changed to zoom Alt + Shift + Ctrl + RMB

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