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Deleting Plug-In Data from Multiple Files

There are times when you want to remove plug-in data from a file. This is done in Rhino by using the -SaveAs command.

  1. At command line type -SaveAs
  2. Command prompt: Save file name <C:\NAME.3dm> ( Version=5 SaveSmall=No GeometryOnly=No SaveTextures=No SavePlugInData=Yes Browse ):
  3. Click on SavePlugInData=Yes It will toggle to SavePlugInData=No
  4. Save file name <C:\NAME.3dm> ( Version=5 SaveSmall=No GeometryOnly=No SaveTextures=No SavePlugInData=No Browse ):
  5. Rhino echos File successfully written as C:\SHARE\test.3dm

Batch processing

This works well for one file. But what if you need to process an entire folder and possibly subfolders of files? You need this script.


How to use

  1. Open Rhino 5 to a new empty file.
  2. Drag and drop BatchRemovePlugInDataV5.rvb on top of the Rhino application window.
  3. Type BatchRemovePlugInData
  4. Select the folder to process. Let it roll.

Be careful!

  • Test thoroughly with a small number of files. Make sure the files still work properly with any plug-ins like Matrix, V-Ray, RhinoGold, RhinoCAM and others that you may be using.
  • This utility will process all the files in a folder and its sudfolders.
  • Arrange your directory structure so that files that you do not need processed are not in the folder or subfolder that you select.


Email Max Fugier.

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