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Handheld Scanning to Rhino: LIVE Webinar

Handheld Scanning to Rhino: LIVE Webinar

To watch full screen, click: Handheld Scanning to Rhino: LIVE Webinar| May 20, 2016

Presentation Web Site: DotProduct, Rhinoceros, and Sea Machines collaborated on May 20, 2016 to present a live demonstration of the real world applications for handheld 3D scanning in combination with Rhino 3D, via the free plugin for DotProduct DP Import. Chris Ahern of DotProduct and Mary Fugier of McNeel were joined by Alex Lorman of Sea Machines, who lead the group step-by-step through both practical information and applications for the DPI-8 & Rhino for autonomous boat design. This real-time webinar demonstrated the full workflow in less than an hour:

  • Handheld 3D capture with the DotProduct DPI-8 Kit and DPI-8SR Kit.
  • Import of the compressed .DP data directly into Rhino with the free plugin.
  • Data was used within Rhino for verification, reference, design, and more.

Sea Machines develops autonomous control systems and unmanned surface vehicles for the maritime, offshore marine, and energy industries. Do not miss this opportunity to walk through each of their unique applications for handheld 3D with Rhinoceros and Flamingo.


Chris Ahern, DotProduct, LLC.

Alex Lorman, Sea Machines, Inc.

DotProduct Rhino Plugin

Sea Machine's Videos

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