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Mitch's First Fillet Problem

Summary: Here's an example sent in by Mitch Heynick. Mitch writes: Fillet all vertical edges and the base with a radius of 10. Fillet the horizontal inside ones near the top at 5. –Mitch

Note: V5 FilletEdge handles this correctly if all the edges are filleted at once.

Mitch's First Fillet Problem

mitch1_01.jpg Original polysurface.

mitch1_02.jpg Use ExtractSrf and Join to separate the top and the base. Use FilletEdge (R=10) to fillet all of the desired edges. Then Explode everything.

mitch1_03.jpg Use FilletSrf (R=5, Extend=Yes, Trim=Yes) to fillet the vertical side surfaces of the top and base (Black).

mitch1_04.jpg Use FilletSrf (R=10) and fillet the 5mm surfaces made in the previous step.

mitch1_05.jpg Untrim the vertical corner fillet surfaces, then Trim them with the edges of the small corner fillet surface made in the previous step.

mitch1_06.jpg Repeat this process on each corner and join into a closed solid.

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