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Installing RHI Files for All Users

Rhino 5.6 allows you to select whether you want to install for one user or for all users on the computer. Also, the deployment of RHI files can be scripted to happen silently.

Deploying RHI Files

  1. Make sure Rhino 5.6 or newer has been deployed on your network.
  2. The command to run, all on one line, is:
"C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\x64\rhiexec.exe" "C:\Full\Path\To\Installer.rhi" /admin /silent

The /admin option installs for all users on the computer. The /silent option will install without showing user interface.


Having difficulty installing an RHI file? Read the Troubleshooting RHI Installers article.

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