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How to Learn Rhino

Download and install the Rhino Evaluation.

If you have not already done this, download the Rhino 5 Evaluation

Start with Getting Started.

Download the Rhino User's Guide and basic tutorials.

Don’t forget to do the “Getting Started” Tutorials. These may seem simplistic in nature but they are designed to systematically expose the new Rhino user to the most important aspects Rhino use in all design areas.

Getting Started Videos

Watch the Getting Started videos that will introduce you to Rhino and show you how to do the Getting Started models.

Or see step by step video clips page.

Other sources for visual learning...

Rhino Level 1 and 2 Manuals

After doing the Getting Started tutorials, try working through the Rhino training guides.

These manuals are designed to be use in Instructor Lead training, however may Rhino users feel they are helpful as self-paced training. If you don't own Rhino, you can download them from here.

Other books, tutorials, and visual learning products


Additional Tutorials

Rhino users, staff and third parties have designed and posted these to share with you.

Rhino Community

Rhino forums.

More Rhino Community resources .

This is also another great option for “peer assisted” learning. You can link to the Newsgroup from here.

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