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Rhino for Mac Work-In-Progress (WIP)

If you have purchased Rhino 7 for Mac, you have access to our Work-In-Progress (WIP): Rhino for Mac WIP. The WIP is where we are testing out new features, bug fixes, and other improvements.

Download the WIP (requires Rhino 7 license key)
Rhino for Mac WIP SHOULD NOT be used for mission-critical work as it may be unstable.

The Rhino for Mac WIP build can be run on the same system with the full, stable, commercial release (but not simultaneously). They are two separate applications:

Rhino (the commercial release) and Rhino for Mac WIP have two separate update systems. Rhino for Mac WIP will be updated more frequently than the commercial release.

Rhinoceros and Rhino for Mac WIP share preferences and a license.

Please report problems on the Rhino Forums in the Serengeti Mac category.

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