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Ornamatics Course at TUDelft

Summary: The presentation and resulting scripts/plug-ins made for the Ornamatics course at the architecture facultiet at the TUDelft .

The course

The object of this course was to design and develop shape and pattern based ornaments in conjunction with rapid prototyping (3-D printing and milling).

This wiki page contains the scripts and plug-ins which I wrote as a result, as well as the presentations (*.ppt) format. Unfortunately there is no record of the presentation itself.

The plug-ins and scripts on this page are provided as-is without any guarantee. These were written to do a specific task in a small amount of time. I did not put too much time into error trapping and UI.


The shape part of the exercise was aimed at designing a column fit for 3-D printing. I tried to mimic a tree's root structure (upside down), which maximized internal intersections (for stability and structural integrity) while minimizing sharp bends (for torque forces). Interestingly, my initial approach which set out to duplicate a natural root structure did not perform well and I had to create another, far more abstract branching algorithm.

The shape project presentation. (Powerpoint format 2+ MB)

The scripts used in the column project.


The pattern part of the exercise was aimed at designing a 60*40 cm tile fit for 3-axis milling. I wanted to impose two conflicting patterns on the same tile, each of which would be dominant from a different distance.

The tile project presentation. (Powerpoint format 3+ MB)

The scripts and plug-ins used in the tile project.

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