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Using Rhino with Rendering, Animation, and Modeling Programs

Tips, tricks, and advice for using Rhino in conjunction with rendering, animation, and modeling programs

Note: The applications are in alphabetical order.

3DS Max

Question: Does anybody know the best way to work with 3dm files in 3DS Max 7.0? What is the best exchange file or translation file? We have a client who works with Rhino and we work with 3DS Max 7.0. We tried to import the 3ds file our client produced but it didn't work. The only file that could be imported was the .dwg file exported out of Rhino. If anybody knows a better solution, please let me know.

Answer 1: Use nPower RhinoToMax. This is a Max plug-in, and allows Max to read Rhino files directly. [MALaFon 2005-11-22]

Answer 2: Have you tried the AutoCAD dwg format? It's very well imported in Max. You can have the layer structure and also you can use 3D curve as Pipe! [SkySurfer 2007-07-18]

Note: It would be helpful here (or somewhere on this wiki) to list the import and export formats supported by Rhino.

Answer: I've found the OBJ format to be the best way to carry Rhino files into Max.


Question: I've been using Rhino for years and recently downloaded a Bongo evaluation. Any ideas on how Bongo measures up to 3D Studio Max or Maya? [Donavan - 2007-10-17]

Answer: Donavan, I recommend posting questions like this to the Rhino newsgroup. (There is a link on


I use the dxf export from Rhino to C4D and it works great. 2004 Natural, with a tweek or two and it's perfect. Preserves Layers and Colors.

PS, it was a pain doing it over and over to determine which version and settings to use. [Larry - 2005-11-29]


Free renderer.

There is discussion in forums is about supporting 3DM format for import:

It seems like a lot of members deal with architecture.

For now, exporting to .3DS seems the best way to deal with it.

Maxwell Render

Question: How do I export from Rhino to Maxwell Renderer best? Thanks in advance! [Sosna 2006-11-28]

Answer: The easiest workflow is using the Rhino 4 plug-inat. This plug-in is perfectly integrated. [Wabi 2007-08-29]

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