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Rhinoceros Educator's Workshop at Construct3D 2018

Want to learn Rhino, find out about the best practices for using Rhino in your classroom, work with Rhino experts, and develop your own models in Rhino for 3D printing?

Construct3D 2018 is a 3D printing, digital fabrication conference and expo focused on academic use, best practices, and professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.

Course Details

Course Outline

In this comprehensive, one-day introductory class, you will learn the basics of creating and editing accurate 3D models. This fast-moving class covers how to start using Rhino to develop models for both rendering and digital fabrication. The day starts with an introduction and progress rapidly to more advanced surfacing commands and preparing models for 3D printing. This class is designed to be “hand on.” However, feel free to join us even if you do not have a computer.


In this class, you will systematically move through the user interface, command access, creation and editing curves, surfaces and solids.

Expected Outcomes

After this course, you can expect to:

  • Use the features of the Rhino user interface.
  • Create basic graphic objects: lines, circles, arcs, curves, surfaces, and solids.
  • Model with precision.
  • Modify curves and surfaces with edit commands and Gumball.
  • Use control point editing to modify curves and surfaces.
  • Export models to STL, and import models from different file formats.
  • Render the model using Rhino Render.
  • 3D Printing.
  • Rhino Training Guides (Level 1 and Level 2 Curriculum can be used by your school for free).
  • Rhino Certification Testing (Parallels the Level 1 and Level 2 Curriculum Guide).
  • Other advanced topics as time permits.

What to bring

  • The instructors will be using Rhinoceros 6 for Windows and will have Rhino 5 for Mac available for demonstration.
  • A Windows computer with the latest Rhinoceros 6 for Windows (full or eval)
  • Rhino 5 for Windows ok, but Rhino 6 Eval is preferred.
  • Or a Mac with Rhino 5 for Mac Rhino for Mac (full or eval) installed.
  • Also you will need a three button mouse (we like this mouse for both Windows and Mac) and your desire to learn!
  • Previous drafting and modeling experience is helpful, but not required.


Please email Mary Fugier with any additional questions about the workshop.

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