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Ultimaker Educator Workshop with Rhinoceros

Want to learn Rhino, find out about best practices for using Rhino in your classroom, get a chance to speak with a Rhino expert, and also have the opportunity to 3D print your work on an Ultimaker? Then this workshop is for you!

Ultimaker has invited Rhino Training Specialist Mary Fugier to come to Brooklyn from the Seattle Rhino headquarters to lead two days of training at NYU Tandon's Makerspace. On Day 3, Ultimaker's Luis Rodriguez will lead a printing bootcamp at the Tandon Makerspace and at New Lab (Ultimaker's NY office located in the Navy Yard).

Course Outline

In this comprehensive 3-day class you'll learn to create and edit accurate 3-D models. This fast-moving class covers most of Rhino's functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands.


In this class, you will systematically move through the user interface, command access, creation and editing curves, surfaces and solids.

Expected Outcomes

After this course the student is expected to be able to:

  • Utilize the features of the Rhino user interface
  • Customize your modeling environment
  • Create basic graphic objects—lines, circles, arcs, curves, solids, and surfaces
  • Model with precision using coordinate input, object snaps, and SmartTrack™ tools
  • Modify curves and surfaces with edit commands and Gumball
  • Use control point editing to modify curves and surfaces
  • Analyze your model
  • Display any portion of the model
  • Export and import models to and from different file formats
  • Render the model using Rhino Render
  • 3D Print
  • Intro to Grasshopper: (Windows users will need the Grasshopper for Rhino plugin. Mac users will need to own Mac and have the WIP downloaded. Otherwise, you may decide to watch this part.)

What to bring

A Windows or Mac computer with the latest Rhinoceros 5 for Windows (full or Evaluation) or Rhino for Mac (full or eval) installed. Also you will need a three button mouse (we like this mouse for both Windows and Mac)and your desire to learn!

Previous drafting and modeling experience is helpful, but not required.

Please email Mary Fugier with any additional questions about the workshop.

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