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Save texture in 3dm

How to save textures in 3dm files

When saving a new 3dm file, the Save textures checkbox is available in the Save dialog box.

  • Enable the Save textures checkbox to embed images used by materials, environments, and decals into the 3dm file.
  • Disable this checkbox if you want the images linked externally. If the images are lost, they will be reported as missing when the 3dm is opened. A dialog box will appear for relocating the images.

How does Rhino find textures?

When Rhino opens a 3dm file that refers to an image in a material, environment, or decal, it searches for these images in these locations:

  • The folder where the 3dm file is stored and its sub-folders.
  • The folders set in Options > Files > Search Paths and their sub-folders.

What is the "<filename>_embedded_files" folder?

When Rhino opens a 3dm, and the embedded images cannot be found on the disk. The embedded images will be extracted into the *_embedded_files folder in the same location as the 3dm file.

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