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Softimage File Exchange

Note: These notes were created some time ago and were in the Rhino Help. But it seems that people who know about this subject should review and update this information, so I'm moving it here. ~mb

There are two options for getting NURBS models from Rhino into Softimage. Both have their own problems and benefits.

Softimage can also import 3DS, DXF, and OBJ file formats created in Rhino.

Use Softimage's file utility:

  1. From the File menu, click Export Selected or Save As.
  2. In the dialog box, in the Save As Type box, select IGES.
  3. Type a filename and click Save.
  4. In the IGES Export dialog box, from the IGES Type box, select Softimage.
  5. Run iges2soft.exe with the following command line switches:

iges2soft -f -L -S3 -s3 -T5 -t3 -v3 -R [RSRC_DIR] MyIgesFile.igs MyDSCFile.dsc

 [RSRC_DIR] = Softimage resource directory (often c\soft3d_3.7\3d\bin\rsrc)

iges2soft.txt contains command line option information.

Use Polytrans file exchange utility

Polytrans by Okino can read IGES files and write Softimage files. Check out their web site for more information:

Open Softimage

  1. Import the file: Tools > Import > Objects > PT_IgesImport.
  2. Select the database from where you want to save the imported IGES file upon conversion to Softimage format. (It is a good idea to create a new Softimage directory specifically for the task of IGES importing.)
  3. Accept Phoenix Tools IGES Import default settings. The model will be translated and then appear in Softimage.
  4. Select all models [spacebar+a] and rotate -90 in the X axis: Model > Effect > Freeze > Rotation.
  5. Save scene/model to await merging into desired Softimage scene.
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