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Rhino and Solid Modeling/Engineering Programs

Using Rhino in conjunction with various solid modeling and engineering packages

Please feel free to add a page here with tips and advice on your particular application, or add to pages already established.

Rhino with Delcam PowerSHAPE

Rhino with Pro/Engineer

Comment: STEP works great for WildFire2. I've been doing it a lot lately. [Brian Perry - 2005-12-02]

Rhino with Solid Edge

Rhino with Unigraphics

Comment: There isn't a good way to export files that can be used properly by Unigraphics. IGES and STEP are tried, but surfaces seem to have gaps between them. Unigraphics is a solid modeler. Sheets/Faces can be seen, but can not be converted into solids if they are not accurate enough. The Surfaces from Rhino look well, but are not exact. This makes it horrifying to work with. These are my experiences, if someone is able to convert Rhino models into valid Unigraphics solids, I'm happy to read that here. [abe-2007-09-29] Abe, if you have examples, the simpler the better for diagnosing the problems, please send them to me at or post to the Rhino newsgroup. -Pascal Golay
Comment: I recently worked with Unigraphics NX4 and Rhino 4. SOLIDWORKS was also involved and it proved to help with the translation out of UG. The best import method to Rhino was to export from UG into SOLIDWORKS as a parasolid and then export from SOLIDWORKS as a Sldprt file over to Rhino. Exporting from Rhino back to UG worked great as a parasolid file (using the SolidEdge preference when exporting) if the model was a closed polysrf first. UG would take Step or Iges from Rhino but didn't work with the surfaces all that well… a closed polysrf is best. I also took Step files from UG and trimmed and joined them into a solid in Rhino to fix boolean problems back in UG. -Brian James 6-12-09

Use Parasolid as much as possible into UG.

Then use the change surface degrees order in UG. It becomes UG math.

Or just sew IGES surfaces into a solid. This works very well for us. Going the other way not so easy. STEP is best IGES as backup.


Rhino with Alias Design Studio 2010

The best format to export from Rhino to Alias Design Studio 2010 seems to be STEP with one of the Automotive settings. This format seems to keep layer names and colors, as well.

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