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Organize commands by subject:

  • Line
  • Curve
  • Surface
  • Interface
  • Inquiry
  • ….

* I like the suggestion above a lot. I assume one could organize commands by Toolbar as well (which might be the same thing…). What are the chances of getting these files in .txt file format? So one could edit Shortcuts, print out a “short list”, and generally customize the list according to one's needs? - Jonathan *

Can we not have the “Pipe” command operate on a multiple selection with a single radius value? At the moment, I either have to click on each individual line separately and PIPE them one at a time or else write a script to do something which it should really do out-of-the-box. In the construction industry, we often have to turn lines (from structural analysis) into the tubes they represent. (I-shaped cross sections would be nice as well, but I guess there's less demand…)

* Can we get export to .dwg functionality (or at least a comprehensive FAQ on the topic) that is waterjet and other toolpaths compatible without inclusion of splines? For me exporting to my waterjet cutter is hit or miss, as often when I get it to him without splines it has bad faceting artifacts. Other times, it just has too many points… Waterjet vendors with limited software cannot deal with any splined input, and too many points stops and starts the machine too often, slowing it down. > Comment: See Preparing Files for Laser and Waterjet Cutters. Let me know what needs to be added. –Mitch 01.07.07 *

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