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Remove a License from Cloud Zoo

  1. Open Rhino, and at the Rhino command prompt type logout.
  2. Rhino will close.
  3. Choose your Rhino account or the team that the license is currently tied to.
  4. Click on the relevant license you want to remove.
  5. Click Remove from Cloud Zoo.

At this point, the license can be added to a different Rhino account, the Zoo, or installed on a standalone device.

Add a Rhinoceros 6 Key as a Local or Standalone License

A standalone installation is required to use Rhino 6 as a viewer.

  1. If applicable, follow the above steps to remove your key from the Cloud Zoo.
  2. Open Rhino.
  3. From the Rhinoceros 6 Needs a License dialog, pick Enter your license key.
  4. Enter your Rhinoceros 6 key and pick the Continue button.
  5. In the License Location dialog, pick Use only on this computer.
  6. Accept additional dialog warnings and validate as a local or “stand alone” key.
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