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The Morpheus Hotel: From Design to Production

The presentation was a collaborative event from the project team of The Morpheus Hotel at City of Dreams, Cotai, Macau region, People's Republic of China.
The recording will be posted on this page soon. We are working on encoding and enhancing audio of the live presentation. Sorry for the delay.

Videos from Zaha Hadid Architects

The two video below were played during the presentation. Enjoy the videos in full HD here.

Morpheus Presentation

Project leads from Zaha Hadid Architects and Front Inc., façade production consultant, discuss the role of advanced computational technology from the design to the analysis, and fabrication, as well as the construction of this remarkable project, due to open in 2018.

This presentation is for anyone interested in the challenges of building one of the world’s most complex buildings and façade systems.

The Presenters

Presenters joined the webinar from London, Hong Kong and Seattle.
The team of presenters are:

Presenter Title Company Photo
Viviana Muscettola Associate Director Zaha Hadid Architects
Michele Salvi Associate Zaha Hadid Architects
Miron Mutyaba Senior Designer Zaha Hadid Architects
Ramon van der Heijden Computational Design Specialist Front Inc.
Alan Tai Associate Front Inc.
Evan Levelle Associate Front Inc.

Building Info

Here are a few statistics that illustrate the complex nature of this building's structure and façade systems.

Cladding Area:193,680 sq
Panel Count:24,577
Connections to Primary Structure:18,580
Panel Stiffener Count:79,310
Bracket Count:1,059,234
Unique Parts:1,212,637
Total Parts:1,668,301
Fastener Count:5,135,563
Extrusion Length:137,238 m

Table of Contents

Presentation including Q&A took approximately 2 hours. Questions from the audience were answered at the end of the presentation.

  • Introductions
  • Project & Façade Intro
  • Exoskeleton
  • Cladding & Geometric Goals
  • Parametric Model
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Cladding Design Development
  • Cladding Fabrication
  • Fabrication, Site Progress & Conclusion
  • Questions for Attendees/Questions for Presenters

Media Sponsorship provided by: ARCH20

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