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Webinar Planning Details


Here is the check list of items that I will need input on to set up the webinar:

  • Presenter – name, title, short bio and picture of you
  • Title: Like Design in Rhino, Fabricate with Precision Board
  • Image
  • Duration: Typically we plan 1hr presentation with 30 minutes questions/wrap-up.
  • Description: like …”Anders Gonzalaz of McNeel Miami and Kellie Miller of Precision Board will show you how modeling in Rhino and fabricating with Precision Board can create amazing results .”
  • Target Audience: “This presentation is for Rhino users who want to know more about CNC to Precision Board, and for Precision Board users who what to learn more about using Rhino to generate their models .”
  • Goal: “The attendee will learn how Rhino, CNC and Precision Board can produce a variety of amazing products.. “
  • Publications: A plan for letting people know about it - Jody’s Rhino Blog, your web site, the Discourse forum, Grasshopper web site.
  • Webinar Staff Emails: name and emails of anyone in your organization that will join the webinar and assist with questions.
  • Registration Questions: what do you want to track about those that are registering for the event?
  • Download a copy of Debut for recording. (After the webinar, send me the AVI. I will edit and encode and post to the website. I can send you link to the video for your web site too.



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