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Rhino License Validation

Product: Zoo
Summary: Discusses Rhino license validation and how it works with the Zoo

Rhino 5 introduced a new license validation system to reduce Rhino license piracy. License validation associates your license with your email address (or email domain in the case of a Lab License) and, for upgrade licenses, your previous license key.

When you add a Rhino license to the Zoo, you are asked to validate the license online. Rhino licenses must be validated before they can be used.

Upgrading from previous versions

When you upgrade Rhino from a previous version, license validation associates the license from your previous version of Rhino with the license you are upgrading to. A previous version license can only be used to upgrade one Rhino license. For example, a company that owns four licenses of Rhino 4 wants to upgrade its licenses to Rhino 5. Each upgrade installation should be associated with a different Rhino 4 license for validation to succeed.

The validation process

When you add a valid Rhino license key to the Zoo, the Rhino License Validation Wizard is displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen to validate your license.

If you get an error during license validation, please contact McNeel Technical Support for help. Please include the error description when you contact support.

Validating offline

If your Zoo server is not connected to the Internet, you can perform license validation offline. The process looks like this:

  1. Go to a system with Internet access.
  2. Enter your email address and your Rhino license key.
  3. If upgrading, enter a license key for a previous version of Rhino.
  4. Your validation code will be displayed. Print or save it to a text file.
  5. Return to the Zoo server system.
  6. Run ZooAdmin, add your Rhino license key and click OK.
  7. Enter your validation code in the Validation Wizard and click Next.

Rhino will now be successfully validated offline.

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