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"CD Key addition request denied by the server" error

Product: Zoo 4.0
Summary: Solving the “CD Key addition request denied by the server…” error.


We have a user running Rhinoceros that gets its license from our Zoo server. The user can check out the license and work off-site. However, when he tries to check the license back in again, he gets the following error:

CD Key addition request denied by the server. Contact your system administrator.

This has always worked in the past. I went through the troubleshooting documentation, but have found nothing to help resolve this issue.


Here are a couple of reasons that you might receive this error:

  1. License check out is not enabled on the Zoo server. If this is not enabled, then you will also not be able to check in licenses.
  2. The checked out license has been manually checked in from the Zoo console. Thus, the Zoo does not know the license is checked out (anymore).
  3. The system really has a standalone license. When you run CheckInLicense, the Zoo will try to add the CD key to its license pool and fail if the license already exists.

Walk over to the Zoo console and see if the workstation in question still has a license checked out. If it does not, then you will need to delete Rhino’s license key, RHINO.KEY, found in Rhino's SYSTEM folder and then re-start Rhino.

If the license is still checked out on the Zoo, then run through the Zoo Troubleshooting tips to see what has changed on the workstation.

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