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Zoo 4.0 - License Manager

Zoo 4.0

Getting Started

  1. Download and install Zoo 4.0 on a Windows-based server or workstation.
  2. Install Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, Brazil, and Bongo on any or all of the computers in your network as workgroup nodes.
  3. The Zoo is designed to work right out of the box - there is no configuring necessary other than adding your licenses (CD-Keys), and then configuring these products to run as workgroup nodes.
  4. From the Zoo Edit menu, select Add and type the CD-Keys.
  5. License key numbers (CD-Keys) are located inside the back cover of the application User's Guide or in the front of the CD case.
  6. Tip: Put all your CD keys into a text file with one on each line. Use File → Import to import them into the Zoo.
  7. See the Zoo Help file for additional details.


If you have Rhino 5 for Windows or Mac, you need Zoo 6.

Complete List of Compatible Products



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