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Rhino 4.0 Client Does Not Run

Product: Zoo 4.0
Summary: Discusses what can happen if you delete the Rhino.key file.


I have a Windows 7 system that cannot run Rhino when configured as a network node.

This is what happens:

  1. I run Rhino by double-clicking on the desktop icon.
  2. Rhino gets a license from the Zoo.
  3. The main Rhino window does not appear. Rhino4.exe is not running in Task Manager. It's closed by something.
  4. The license assigned to Rhino returns to the Zoo's license pool in about 1/3 second.


If you delete Rhino 4.0's Rhino.key file, to switch it from standalone-node mode to network-node, you must run Rhino 4.0 with elevated privileges at least one time. You can run an application on Windows 7 with elevated privileges by right-clicking on the application shortcut and clicking Run as administrator.

More information

If you run Rhino 4.0 without a Rhino.key file, then Rhino will try to create a new Rhino.key file upon successfully obtaining a license, either by entering a valid CD key, or by acquiring one from a Zoo server.

If Rhino 4.0 cannot create the required Rhino.key file, then Rhino 4.0 will close quietly, as described above.

By running Rhino 4.0 with elevated privileges at least one time, Rhino 4.0 will be able to create the required Rhino.key file.

Once Rhino.key has been created, you can run Rhino by just double-clicking on the desktop shortcut.

Note: You won’t see this problem on Windows XP, if you are logged in as an administrative user, because Windows XP does not have the security restriction of Windows 7.

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