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Switch Rhino to Workgroup Node

Product: Zoo 4.0
Summary: How to switch Rhino from standalone node to workgroup node.


To use the Zoo, does the user need to install Rhino as a workgroup node? Meaning, if he uses Rhino already as a standalone node and changes to using the Zoo, does he need to completely reinstall Rhino?


If the user is already running Rhino in standalone mode and then somebody installs a Zoo, then they can do one of two things.

  1. From with in Rhino, select Tools→License Manager→Workgroup Node. This will switch Rhino's operating mode from standalone to workgroup (and vise versa). The change will take effect the next time they start Rhino.
  2. From with in Rhino, run the CheckInLicense command. If they standalone CD-Key is not in the Zoo, then it will be added and the operating mode switched from standalone to workgroup.

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