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Multiple Network Card Issue

Product: Zoo 4.0
Summary: Discusses a laptop, Zoo connectivity issue.


I have a laptop with Rhino 4.0 installed on it. I am trying to get a license form our company's Zoo server. When I launch Rhino, the Zoo marks a license a “in-use”. But my Rhino never starts and give me the following error message:

I've reviewed all of the information on the Zoo Troubleshooting page, but nothing has helped. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


It turned out that, like most laptops, the customer's laptop had multiple network adapters, or NICs: a standard LAN (Ethernet) adapter and a Wireless adapter. While in the office, the customer plugged his laptop into the company's LAN via the Ethernet port. The laptop also obtained a connection to the company's Wireless network. Thus the laptop was connected to the company's network thru two connections simultaneously. Disconnecting the Wireless connection while wired to the LAN solved the problem.

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