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There are 2 different hardware components involved in making animations:

  • Graphic card: used when moving or rotating objects in real time or when you click the Bongo “play” button to preview an animation. There's a list of graphic cards recommended by Rhino users at GRAPHICSCARDS.
  • RAM and processor: as a Bongo animation is a sequence of rendered images (each animation frame is a rendered image), the time taken to produce animations will depend on the target renderer. Generally, depending on the complexity of your models you will need as much RAM as possible and a powerful processor.

The graphic card has NO influence in the rendering times - except for the “Viewport Display” option. Flamingo takes advantage of dual processors (Rhino doesn't).

We don't have any specific hardware recommendations, so you might want to ask in the Rhino newsgroup. As for Flamingo, there's a Wiki section on Performance Tuning at FlamingoPerformanceTuning.

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