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Summary: Some examples of Grasshopper Definitions.

Name Preview Description
Data Matching no preview available An example of different data matching algorithms
Data Index no preview available Explains how to extract individual values from a list
Data Index 2 no preview available Explains how the Cycle option behaves during index access
Split Shows how to split a list into two sublists using a single break
Shift A case study of the Shift component
Sort Shows how to sort a collection of points by distance
Sort & Subset A case study to find the N closest points in a set
Sort & Cull Shows how to remove distant points from an unordered set
Distance Logic An example of how to use expressions to create logical relationships between numbers and geometry
Expression Shows the use of the Expression components
Staircase A case study for a self-normalizing staircase

Example files made with Version 0.5.0050

Name Preview Description
Twisting frames gh_twistframes_preview.jpg How to create a set of twisting objects around a curve.
Jitter gh_jitter_preview.jpg The jitter component in action.
Polar lines gh_polar_preview.jpg Creating a straight line in polar space… pretty curves with a minimum of fuss and a good deal of fuzz.
Export points gh_pointstream_preview.jpg How to stream formatted data to a textfile.
Scripted circles gh_scriptingcircles_preview.jpg A simple demo of the VB.NET scripting component.
Scripting and surface patterns gh_scriptpattern_preview.jpg How to use the VB.NET component to generate a diamond surface pattern.
More scripting samples at Grasshopper Gallery
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