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Summary: What do you do with PanelingTools Plug-in for Rhino?

Feel free to add samples of your work to this page, or submit by email to share your experience.

Project Name: Scherk Panel
Designer: Alessio Erioli
Description: A simple test with PanelingTools and minimal surfaces. The test was held as a part of investigation over multi-performative structural membranes. A saddle component, designed inside Scherk-Collins Sculpture Generator, was used with PanelingTools in Rhino to populate a surface. The result was then exported to Maya for the final render in Mental Ray. You can also check the images here.

Project Name: Sucker (Bracelet)
Designer: Michael Gayk
Description: Rhino for surface modeling, PanelingTools for custom pattern and module. Final materials: Cast silicone, nickel plated photopolymer resin.

Project Name: Haptic Manifold
Designer: Greg Taylor - Studio Formwork - GSD
Description: Used Rhino PanelingTools for the armature, and Catia powercopy command for the component modeling. The paneling tool, along with record command, allowed for an almost fully parametric armature to proliferate the catia geometry. The tool allowed for a built in set of flexible constants and increased productivity greatly. The skin is a variable of cantilevering moment bening and the structure allows for a surface devoid of columns.

Project Name: Agile in Guangzhou, China
Designer: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Description: Used Rhino for surface modeling, ArchCut/Paneling for paneling the skin and creating floor plates.

Project Name: Structure in Clemson University
Designer: Mark Gettys
Description: Rhino for modeling the surface and PanelingTools for custom pattern modeling.

Project Name: Hugo Häring - Lamella Roof
Designer: Peter Guthrie
Description: A 3D diversion (away from proper work) inspired by fascinating photos on flickr by seier+seier+seier of an agricultural building by German architect Hugo Häring from the 1920s. Read more...

Project Name: Few experiments using PanelingTools
Designer: Peter Guthrie
Description: Check [n]Codon for details. Click here...

Project Name: Soft-Forms with PanelingTools
Designer: Michael McCune
Description: These were screen studies using PanelingTools. The 4-5 soft components were modeled in Maya, imported into Rhino, and paneled across a surface. The explorations were then 3D printed. Read more...

Project Name: Parametric Multi-Paneling
Designer: Michael McCune
Description: After playing with the PanelingTools plug-in for Rhino 4, I noticed its great power for mapping components on a surface efficiently. Read more...

Project Name: Panelion
Designer: Pierre Forissier
Description: Inspired by DRL TEN Pavilion. Modeled in Rhino with PanelingTools onto loft surface. Read more...

Project Name: Panel evo
Designer: Pierre Forissier
Description: Inspired by theverymany ‘APERIODIC VERTEBRAE’ Experimenting Rhino + Paneling Tools onto simple loft surface. Read more...

Project Name: IMAX Theater proposal in Bucharest
Designer: Pim Marsman from Octatube
Description: We designed a challenging cladding for this project. The divisions of the sphere were created using paneling commands. First a triangular paneling by UV dist on the sphere. Next, I extracted the S-like ribbons. Then the cladding was also created using the plug-in, so panels never exceed production limits of 500*3000 mm. They now are flat (within a region), so the sheetmetal is not going to bend and bubble.

Project Name: Paneling commands short tutorials
Designer: Rajaa Issa
Description: I put together many short movies that are intended to show various commands included in the PanelingTools plug-in. Check the PanelingExamples page for details.

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