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PanelingTools and Grasshopper

Summary: Examples that show how to go between PanelingTools and Grasshopper 0.6

These examples show how to select a paneling grid in Grasshopper and bake it back into the document in a way that makes it usable by PanelingTools plug-in commands.

I must warn you that the examples bypass Grasshopper's logic of selection and baking. Use with care. I suspect future versions of Grasshopper will allow a better integration of paneling functionality through either directly migrating paneling methods or allowing more robust and customizable selection and bake components. For questions please contact Rajaa Issa.

Example 1

Convert paneling grid to a data tree type in Grasshopper. Download sample.

Example 2

Create a grid of points using Grasshopper components, then bake the grid to document. Use ptOrientToGrid to panel the new grid with custom component. Download sample.

Example 3

Select a paneling grid, move points randomly in z direction, then bake the grid back into the document. Use ptPanelGrid and ptPanelGridCustom to panel the new grid. Download sample.

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