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Scott Davidson

Summary: An collection of links for architecture and Rhino.
Contact: Scott Davidson

Have some fun seeing what people have been doing.

Wild and wooly architecture

Stories by customers using Rhino in architecture

A presentation of a digital design process -

Workshops and lectures for Grasshopper

Are there tutorials for Grasshopper?

Here are a collection of Grasshopper Tutorials from outside McNeel.

Basic Grasshopper tutorials
A set of four basic video tutorials: Install Grasshopper, Open Grasshopper, Open Files / Definitions, The interface. In both English and Spanish
Designer: Rhino3d.TV

Parametric Cabinets
This tutorial focuses on the creation of parametric cabinet models in Grasshopper.
Designer: RhinoCentre

Morphing Boxes
This tutorial focuses on morphing capabilities of the latest grasshopper releases.
Designer: NAO

Researching shape

Here are a collection of Grasshopper definitons exploring form.

Voronoi diagram
A 2D and 3D Voronoi calculation

Koch Curve Generator
Designer: Scott

Rose Curve Generator
Designer: Scott

Fractal Patten Generator
Designer: Scott

Electric Fields? -

Sun angle calculations:

A few projects done with Grasshopper

Here are a collection of Grasshopper project studies.

Daniel Piker's Grasshopper videos:“

YouTube Grasshopper Gallery:

Baldino video examples:

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