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Rhino 7 SubD Tutorials

Summary: Rhino 7 includes a new Sub-D Geometry Type to allow for more flexible modeling. Rhino's SubDs are accurate and repeatable. This allows our SubD to be converted to NURBS for fabrication.

Traditionally SubD objects are mesh-based and lend themselves well to more approximate types of modeling such as character modeling and creating smooth organic forms. Rhino SubD objects are, however, high precision spline-based surfaces and thus introduce a level of accuracy to the process of creating complex freeform shapes.

Go to the Rhino SubD Discussion to join the conversation about this new tool. You can download the Rhino 7 Eval to try SubD today.

An Introduction to SubD in Rhino 7

The video starts by examining SubD surfaces and how these compare to NURBS before moving on to look at some examples of how and why SubD can be used alongside the traditional NURBS workflow in Rhino. Phil Cook from SimplyRhino takes a look at SubD, or Subdivision Surface Modelling, that is being developed for Rhino v7.(37 minutes) SimplyRhino is the most popular Rhino3D reseller in the UK, they offer expert training and support for Rhino and all key Rhino plugins.

Exploring SubD in the Rhino 7

Did you know Rhino 7 has SubD tools? Join Brian James in this video where he explores the use of the SubD creation and editing tools that have currently been added to V7. (8 minutes)


Modeling a Fork, understanding basic SubD controls

Brian James takes a look at the various selection techniques and modeling workflow specific to Rhino 7 SubD surfacing. This is a great video to build a good understanding on how to use SubD tools together in Rhino (10 minutes)

Getting started with SubD - blocking out a model

A quick demo of the Paperdoll Technique for laying out a SubD model in Rhino v7- Perfect for users who have never used Subd before.

Modeling a SubD Sink with Rhino 7

In this video see how to model a soft rectangular form using SubD surfaces in the Rhino 7.

Modeling a Mouse with SubD

The tutorial uses a simple format of GIFs and command names to show us the overall process of making the MX Master 3 mouse casing. A great way to discover the new SubD tools in Rhino 7.

Modeling a Coin Frame in the Rhino 7 SubD

Learn how to use the new QuadRemesh command and SubD tools in Rhino3D to model a jewelry coin frame. SubD modeling is one Rhino's new capabilities. You can quickly sculpt and edit soft transitions. (5 minutes)
In this quick video, Giuseppe Massoni shows us how you can swiftly turn a SubD sphere into a dog. He uses simple push and pull techniques on subdivision faces and control net points, using the Gumball. You'll note the ability to add creases as well. (1 minute)

New SubD Reflect command, a symmetric copy

In this short tutorial, Giuseppe Massoni quickly walks us through Rhino's 7 new command: Reflect. This command allows you to make a symmetric copy of the object while maintaining the smooth connection between the mirrored copies. A much needed tool for SubD sculpting.(1 minute)

Building Modeling with SubD Tools in Rhino 7

How to Rhino takes a look at Rhino 7 Work in Progress version and new SubD tools that are on a good track to replace T-splines plugin for Rhino 5 that was the king of SubD modeling. In this tutorial, we will be going over some simple techniques using these new Rhino modeling tools in order to create this conceptual project designed by @archihab.

Reverse engineering surfaces with SubD

Using Rhino 7 this video shows the combination of quadremesh and SubD to converted meshes to nurbs. (59'47“)

Rhino Grasshopper Sub D Component

From How to Rhino youtube channel, go through basic manipulation of Sub-D component in both Rhino and Grasshopper and how to quickly edit free-form geometry. This particular project that was used as inspiration is designed by Daniel Widrig for Duhamel Competition in Germany. (9'31”)

Rhino wip 7 subdivision "append"

Giorgio Gurioli shows how to use the Append command with Rhino 7 SubD geometry. (6 minutes)

QuadRemesh to SubD in the Rhino 7 WIP

Here's a video introduction to the new QuadRemesh command in the Rhino 7 WIP (work in progress). Understanding the workflow between the Quadremesher and SubD is key. (8 minutes)

Using Tsplines models in Rhino 7

Here's a video introduction to using your old Tsplines models in Rhino 7. Exporting your Tsplines in Box mode is the key. (7:26 minutes)

Using extract surface to break subd into several parts

quick video showing how to break subd models into several parts using extract surface (46 seconds)

Smooth edges of a complicated sculpted form

Use QuadRemesh with SubD option to smooth sharp edges in complex polysurfaces. (5:16 minutes)

Hand Iron Timelapse

A full Build time lapse of a hand iron. (26:01 minutes)

Box vs Smooth mode

A quick demo using box vs smooth mode in SubD. (6:35 minutes)

Robot fish time lapse build

A full Build time lapse of a robot fish character. (47:24 minutes)

Concept bike time lapse build

A full Build time lapse of a Concept motorcycle. (46:00 minutes)
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