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Rhino Certified Academic Testing

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Rhino Academic Testing is available through Academic Rhino Proctors (ARP). An ARP may offer the test to any K12, post-secondary students within a one year period.

  • Download Brochure here.

Note: Third party or commercial testing is an important feature that can be helpful when applying for Perkins Grants.

Each test pack includes the following:

  • Computerized tests with immediate scoring.
  • Test summary followup.
  • Pretest of Level 1 Exam. (Do at the beginning of the semester, 40 questions/1 hr.)
  • Level 1 and Level 2 exam each contain three tests: A, B, & C. Each test contains 33 questions per test.
  • Tests = 3 total hours (3 tests x 1 hr. per test). The test can be offered over three class periods.
  • Passing A is required for B. Passing B is required for C.
  • Passing C = Rhino Level 1 Certified Academic and student will get personalized certificate.
  • Each part A, B, C allows two additional retakes.
  • Two retakes are allowed for those with passing grades too. Students can retake for a better score.

To get started:

  1. Fill out the Academic Rhino Proctor application and submit. Email Mary Fugier with any questions or problems. You will be contact by email the next business day to arrange payment and your web training on the testing system.
  2. When you are approved, you may purchase the Authorized Rhino Proctor membership. It is US$285.00 per year for up to 300 tests. Note: Each Rhino Academic Certification Exam requires approx. 10 tests total. 300 tests are typically needed to certify 30 students. For large groups of students, additional memberships are available for purchase.
  3. Then you will create a login on the testing system. We will give you rights so you can then add students to the system and schedule them to take the test.


This (testing) works well as we now are required by the state of Alaska to document student progress in our courses, so this will be a relatively pain free way to do so in the course. - Mike Vieira, Sitka High School Career & Technical Education Instructor

Sample Test Website

Sample Test Window

Sample Certificate

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