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How to Crash Start Rhino with Plug-ins


  1. Start Rhino in SafeMode.
  2. On the Rhino Tools menu, click Options > Plug-ins.
  3. Clear the Enabled check box for all of the plug-ins that did not ship with Rhino.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog box, check the Ask to load disabled plug-ins box.
  5. Restart Rhino without using SafeMode.
  6. Answer No to loading all of the plug-ins you disabled.

If Rhino starts with some plug-ins disabled

The problem is one of the disabled plug-ins.


  1. Restart Rhino as normal.
  2. Answer Yes to loading one plug-in at a time and No to the rest until you determine which one causes the problem.
  3. When you have determined which plug-in causes a problem, on the Tools menu, click Options > Plug-ins.
  4. Check the Enabled box for all of the plug-ins that do not cause a problem.

Is the problem solved?

  • Yes. Yay!
  • No. Copy and paste the following text into a email to
Rhino crashes on startup. I followed the steps in the Troubleshooting wizard, and I have tried the following to solve the problem:

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